Question: I heard you are the best.  That means you win all your cases right?

Answer. No.  We are very good a what we do.  We win, we lose, sometimes we even draw.  If an agent ever tells you they win all their matters....RUN!

Question.  My landlord won't do any repairs so I can withhold rent right?

Answer. No.  Despite what many believe, in Alberta a tenant cannot unilaterally withhold rent.  If your landlord isn't living up to his obligation you can make an Application for an Abatement (Return) of Rent through the RTDRS or Provincial Court.

Question.  I have had my RTDRS hearing and do not agree with the outcome.  Can you handle my appeal?

Answer.  No.  Appeals are heard through the Court of Queen's Bench.  Agents are "statute barred" from appearing.

Question.  Do you work for free?

Answer.  No we do not nor are we subsidized by the government.  Like any business we charge a fee.  Our fees are reasonable and payable before services are rendered.  Please see "Costs" to see our current rates.